battles & betrayals

by Tanya Jaiswal


 “She was a brave princess imprisoned by the conspiracies of the ones whom she had once trusted the most.”

In the history not every one’s name is etched in gold, only some of them are fortunate enough but for this they have to go through challenges and make it big. This is one such adventurous tale.

Arundhati, the courageous heir princess of one of the most powerful and prosperous kingdom, is to be crowned as the queen. As she gains control over the administration and treasury, she finds herself indulged in the race to get the throne.

A conspiracy to kill her, a betrayal by a family member, a truth to unveil, a promise to fulfill, a mission to accomplish and an enemy to suppress.

Will she come to know about her glorious past she is unaware of? Will she be able to defeat all her enemies and find love? Will she prove that she will be victorious in spite of the curse inflicted on her? Will she be able to overcome the hardships of human life?

Or will she fall into the trap waiting for her and commit the biggest mistake of her life by trusting someone she shouldn’t have?