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Books are such an incredible way to express yourself, either in a form of a story or poetry or a complete manual of ideas that you want to tell the world. 

Bookwoof Publishing gives you an easy and effective way to publish your ideas freely in form of a book and easily distribute it through our social media channels. 

Reading has been a tremendous source of development whether in terms of personal or professional growth and further classics of literature has always made us to pause and reflect upon us a society.

So, if you have a story or idea long held in your mind, now is the time to start writing it down and let the world know your thoughts and imaginations. And now it's completely free to get published through Bookwoof.

We will not only publish your book but with also help you give it a social push through our integrated network of writers and readers.

Welcome to Bookwoof Publishing :)

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How can I publish my book with Bookwoof?

You can submit a publishing request here and within three working days our team will get in touch with you.

What are the kind of books I can publish through Bookwoof?

It depends time to time and the decision remains to Bookwoof whether or not to publish a book but we recommend you to submit your work of any genre, provided it is an original work of the author.

Can I publish a physical book with Bookwoof?

As of now, Bookwoof is only publishing books in e-book format.

Is Bookwoof a traditional publishing or self-publishing platform?

Bookwoof was started as a self-publishing platform charging a sum for getting published but from 1st of June 2019, it is a new age publishing company where you can publish your books COMPLETELY FREE.

What are the publishing charges at Bookwoof?

Bookwoof publishing is now COMPLETELY FREE publishing platform.

How much time it takes to get my book published through Bookwoof?

The publishing time varies as we will be editing and proofreading the books carefully. Still, for a rough idea, a five thousand word book will take minimum of 14 days to get published.

Why I should publish through Bookwoof?

Bookwoof is one of the most popular publishing platform in central India and it has a good social media following. It has tied-up with many literary platforms and communities so that your work can reach to maximum readers.

Can I contact Bookwoof directly as I think mail will take time?

Yes, you can just give a call at +91 8461944385 and know everything about our publishing.

Can I see the already published books of Bookwoof?

Absolutely, you can check our published books here.

How much royalty I will get form my books?

The royalty is fixed as 10 % of the maximum retail price of the book.


So, are you ready to see your awesome book published?

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