Indori Ishq english edition: short love stories

by Various Writers


We all have one person we love madly. Either we have expressed or not, deep down our hearts lies that special person who holds the magic to make us feel amazing with just her / his smile. We can do insane things for the person we love and to be with her / him. Love is such an amazing feeling, and when you fell for the first time to a beautiful face with even more beautiful soul, it gets very very hard to live and sleep and think as we were used to before seeing that person.

This book is a collection of short love stories that in a way shows how amazing can love be. Though not all love stories ends happily, every single hour spent with the person you love or once loved is a memory for eternal. Our writers have put their heart out in writing these stories to show how sane or insane a person in love can be. From living with the person you love to avoiding faded memories to overcome tears are all parts of the best feeling a human can have, love.

So, if you have loved someone from your soul or just have started liking someone secretly, this collection of feelings and stories is for you. Read them all and you will have it, a glimpse og twelve love stories in twelve different versions of love, though, each one connects only two souls!

Happy Reading :)