Regrets : Dream Desire Destiny

by Shahrukh Ahmad


He loved someone, he always did! He has dreams, big ones!

Love or Dreams?

He has to decide! He decided.

Sameer fought against the odds, went against his family, sacrificed his relations. He did that.

He became the icon of Indian entrepreneurship. Million dollar turnover of his firm tells his success story.
But, Sameer paid recklessly for his success. His earned luxuries were never able to alleviate his chronic pains.
Preeti, Sameer’s charismatic girlfriend, loves him madly.

But she too was not able to find a single reason for Sameer’s breakdown and harsh behavior.
Will Sameer be able to fight against his doings?

Will Preeti manage to take him away from his dark empire?

Read Regrets : Dream Desire Destiny

A story of immense desire, dream and endless love; will love be strong enough to win

over desire or again a love story will buried for some strong financial wishes?

India's First Entrepreneurial Romance Thriller.


"Entrepreneurs are complicated and so are their love stories. this has to be one of the best fusion of a love story with an entrepreneur

— WittyFeed"