Something From somewhere

by Rupali Muley


Life is a series of all unpredictable things. Let it be any and everything- we can never predict,

what will happen next. We might think, everything is easy, but somewhere it is not easy. Not at all easy. 

Something from somewhere is a book about all those stories, that seems quite normal, but imagine yourselves

living in that situation, what you'd do if you were in that place?

That is the thing about Something from Somewhere, we knowingly or unknowingly blame others, criticize others for their behavior, their nature.

But what if we step into their shoes and walk? Would you be the same?

Will the walk be that much easier as it seems to be. Everyone is fighting against their fears, demons.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. To point those weakness and keep on blaming, isn't always the solution.

We need to crawl into others skin to know, whether that it is them or us, over reacting on small things.

Something from somewhere is all about those things, that you'd imagine but never notice. Never observe.

Something from somewhere is all about those things that might happen somewhere, some time.